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Even a

Good Egg

Goes Rogue.

Welcome to Discovery Church CO. If you're looking for something different this Easter, you've found the place. Going Rogue isn't a bad thing. It's just different, but different for a reason. You could say we're a safe place for dangerous faith. Faith that risks. That rescues.

Faith for the rest of us...

Rogue Music


Gone Rogue.

So, we admit - a church with lights and rock and fog machines can come off like it's all about the performance. But here's the deal. It ain't all that. We're cut from a cloth 2,000 + years in the making where the fabric of worship is crafted with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. It means, we're "all in". We're hardcore about craft, to honor the God who crafted us.

And while that's all nice and good, it's nothing if not backed by our care for YOU - and that care, is expressed in prayer for you before you ever hit the door. That's right, if you are reading this, it means you have been prayed for, that when you walk through our doors, that you get an experience with us, God, Jesus, and His Spirit that awakens your spirit. So get your groove on and "Go Rogue" with us as we rock this house.

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Gone Rogue.

You knew it was coming right? You can't have an Easter Service without a YAAAAAAAWN message right? Well, maybe not. We'd like to serve up something new with a message we've called "Rogue King". It's a fresh look at the life of the King who died a rogue death so you could live a rogue life.

We believe there is always more to learn than what meets the eye, and the life of Jesus deserves another look more than any other life that has been lived. But that's not all...

Doesn't your life deserve a second look? Maybe it's time to consider how a Rogue King could be the key to you living a rogue life. A life of real, raw, rebel purpose, yes? Well, if you're not convinced yet - just WAIT. There's MORE

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Kids Gone Rogue?

Yeah, we get it.

If you've got kids - Discovery has you taken care of.


At Discovery Kids, we love engaging kids with age-appropriate truths that hit their little rogue hearts right where they are at - teaching them who God is, and that their story matters and that they have a big part to play in God’s big story!

If this sounds right to you, just head to our New Families Desk under the big NEW KIDS sign!

Rogue Life

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Go Rogue?




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